Poker Game Dashboard

My buddies and I like to play poker but I like to have technology integrated in everything I do. So I spent the entire weekend (20+ hours) and I have built an PHP/AJAX dashboard which live-updates every second from my server to show the game progress and nurture competition.

Here’s a view of the UI that I have on the TV in our poker room:

Live updating poker table! Shows current bets, players, and a leaderboard on the side. Pot is hidden as it is not used in blackjack

But I needed a way to easily change the information remotely. So I have my own dashboard with a super-secret password to do just that!

Locked, so nobody else can mess with our game >:)

Once I log in, I can choose a game, Blackjack in this instance, and I can control every stage of the gameplay. It auto-calculates the win and blackjack rewards for me, allows doubling down, folding and splitting, and provides me with rules of the game so there are no discrepancies.

My dealer dashboard I have on my iPad so I can update the screen.

Here’s a live demonstration of the app from my Facebook:


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