Random Person Generator (Python)

Name: Fiona Fandsee
Phone Number: 732-592-5840
Email: [email protected]
Password: A7fAJI9B
Address: 6221 West Wethersfield Road 
City: Glendale, AZ
Postal Code: 85304
Bank: Fifth Third Bank
Account Number: 1537459034

Example of Console Output

    "phone": "786-158-3327", 
    "address": {
        "city": "Wilmington", 
        "address1": "376 Whites Road", 
        "address2": "", 
        "coordinates": {
            "lat": 42.880951, 
            "lng": -72.84163699999999
        "state": "VT", 
        "postalCode": "05363"
    "name": {
        "surname": "Rower", 
        "firstname": "Asha"
    "bank": {
        "account_num": "8366805248", 
        "bank": "Citizens Bank of Massachusetts"
    "email": {
        "password": "%oaL3IG@", 
        "email": "[email protected]"

Example of JSON Output

I was bored so decided to create a random fake person generator in Python. The code for this generator is available on my GitHub here, but I will go over a little bit about what the code does. Most of the magic happens in the main.py file. It calls several methods I made up and will create a fake person’s name, phone, email & password, bank information, and address. This information can be outputted in JSON or plain text in the console and be used in other avenues. If you include main.py in another script and call main.json_output() then you can use parse that JSON in a for loop to generate many different people. My idea for this is that I get a lot of spam emails so I decided to click on them and when they ask for personal information, I can mess around with the scammers and waste their time by providing them with false information. I’m not responsible for any uses or modifications of the code, but feel free to take a look, execute the code or add any other changes to it. I may add other stuff like social security number or credit card number if I have time.


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