Website & Blog Revamp

Usually every year I go through a website redesign of some sort. In 2021, I migrated to Gatsby for a static page since my portfolio doesn’t really change that often and allows it to be simple.

Today, I made a number of UI / Quality of Life changes:

UI Changes

Dark Mode Colors

Original primary background color
Original secondary background color
New primary background color
New secondary background color
Original Project Pill Colors
New Project Pill Colors (better contrast for light & dark mode)
Old button gradient,
#4fd1c5 to #00BFFF
New button gradient, #2482df to #64d2ff

Experience Block Update

Due to the amount of information contained in the experience and education blocks, I added a new Tailwind Elements package to allow for accordions:

Old style, all information on display at once
New style with accordions for revealing information. Education is currently expanded for demonstration


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