Homebridge: Smart Home Unification

After neglecting my Raspberry Pi for several years, I finally re-installed a fresh OS on it and setup Homebridge!

Homebridge is an unofficial way to bring unsupported smart home devices into Apple’s Homekit. It acts as the interface (bridge) to then link to every other IoT device so it all appears under the Home app. Due to community support, over 2000 devices can be added into HomeKit, including a plugin for using bash commands! The possibilities are endless!

Our favorites and camera feeds
The homebridge dashboard

Using homebridge has cut us down from 9 different apps to manage our smart home apps into one! Because it’s HomeKit, it works with Siri on iPhone, iPad and HomePod! I was able to merge devices from Philips Hue (already natively supported), Ring, FordPass, Google Nest, Harmony, PlayStation Remote Play, Roomba, and SwannView! Having everything in one app makes things boatloads easier. Plus the plugin to create custom commands that can also act as a smart switch is very enticing and I’m thinking if that can be used for even further functionality!


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