Branding Overhaul

I decided I was not happy with the UI of the jQuery terminal. I decided to do a new portfolio design, and use the same design language through my blogs and resume to create a unified experience.

I decided to venture into a new web technology: Gatsby + React + TailwindCSS. That is what the home / projects pages are built with! Pay close attention to the laptop where my avatar is also: I was able to figure out a way to make the background an animated SVG gradient!

I appreciate the lightning fast response of Gatsby in loading data for static pages. I also like the Inter font that TailwindCSS recommends. I was inspired by the colors of Apple’s Design language as well, so mashing them all together gave me the website!

My next two tasks were: redo my resume with the inter font, and create a wordpress theme! The resume was super simple to redo in Apple Pages with the Inter font, I used the same colors from the website.

The wordpress theme was a little trickier as I had never made one before, but I eventually was able to figure it out and deploy it to both my tech blog and italian blog to maintain cohesiveness! I’m very happy with it all turned out, I expect to make a few more adjustments to the wordpress theme here and there but I think it’s looking much better!


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