Main Site Re-Design

The gallery above shows how my website has evolved over the few months. Normally every year, right after new year I start going for a site re-design for my portfolio to display any new skills I have learned at university and also because my taste in design changes. The left image is what my site was all of last year, a dark material vibe. I paid for a logo from a website and used the color it gave me as well. At the beginning of this year I changed my site from a multi-page layout to a single page. I purchased this theme that I really liked called Desmond but decided that I felt people wouldn’t want to scroll endlessly to see all my content. People want to see all the information they can up front. So I decided to go back to my original design but revamp it with lighter colors and my new logo design that I created for the Desmond theme. The result is much cleaner and better in my opinion.


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