Windows 11 Customization

Normally I am a heavy macOS user. But when I get home I usually like to do some PC Gaming, and macOS is the worst OS to game on.

I also recently upgraded to Windows 11 which I thought made great strides towards the macOS I’ve grown to love. With a few extra tweaks, I think it looks pretty darn close now!

Here’s the tools I used:

  • Desktop: Right click -> View -> Uncheck Show Desktop Icons to hide
  • Menu Bar: Rainmeter + Droptop Four
  • Dock: TaskbarXI
  • Also download TaskbarXIMFCGUI.exe and check No tray and Hide traywnd to remove the corner section with system icons
  • Dynamic Wallpaper: WinDynamicDesktop
  • File Explorer: StartAllBack – reverts file explorer back to old Win10 or Win7 style (without breaking the address bar)
  • I have start menu and taskbar options turned off. Under explorer I have Win7 Command bar set
    • Also checked everything but Details pane on bottom on this page
  • Apple Music Electron – ports a better experience for Apple Music without using iTunes

All tools are free and I don’t notice any lag at start up or in use. Droptop does have a $5 optional supporter edition that I paid for.


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