BTLO – Challenge: ThePackage


Authorities are looking for a hacker who is planning to sell a powerful device and the delivery is going to be in a undisclosed but crowded location. It is important to find out what product is and obtain more information about this hacker.

This challenge can be solved by the use of google and it’s commands (google dorking).

Scenario Description
Restricted Content
This investigation is currently active on Blue Team Labs Online, thus is required to be password protected. You will need to wait until the investigation is retired for the full solution. In special circumstances, you may email me for the password.


Finding the actual location of the file was not so challenging. The wording of the cipher to decrypt the latitude coordinate is what took me forever. At first I was manually trying each of the orders before giving up and generating a python script to do them for me until I finally got a result that matched the hint and was a valid latitude coordinate.


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