iOS Jailbreak 14.3

Taurine for iOS released a few days ago and it allowed me to jailbreak my iPhone! So happy! With all the knowledge I’ve been learning from THM, I setup a terminal on my phone as well and I installed tools such as ifconfig, pip, python and git! Now it’s like I have my own Linux […]


TryHackMe – Mr Robot CTF

Room Link: IP: Enumeration Nmap Nmap was not much help here. I navigated to the IP in my browser and luckily found a webserver running on port 80 with it’s own ‘terminal’ (website was styled like a terminal with some commands). I re-ran an nmap scan just on port 80, and it returned […]


TryHackMe: Blue

Room: Learn to hack into Windows, leveraging common misconfigurations and issues. Machine Compendium This is my master list of information I have gathered about my target machine for use. As I progress through the room, I come back and add more information here. Enumeration Let’s first start with an nmap scan of the room […]