2018+ Mustang Technology Retrofit

Before the retrofit, my original cluster with Sync 2 (MyFordTouch) system

I know I bought my vehicle at a higher mileage (50k) but I have loved essentially every detail of it. However, I definitely liked the new technology in the 2018+ models including a new digital speedometer cluster and the Sync 3 system which supported Apple CarPlay. Turns out I was not alone. I stumbled across a forum post here where someone had actually figured out how to port backwards the digital cluster! I already knew Sync 3 was compatible, as the 2016’s had the upgrade whereas my 2015 did not.

I ordered from Hellhorse Performance during the beginning of the Coronavirus shelter-in-place order back in March. I was itching to have something to do, and installation of a new cluster and sync 3 system sounded like a great project to keep me busy. A few weeks later, and the boxes arrived!

All the pieces laid out!

In total, I had to tear out the dash, and steering wheel column. 3 out of 4 of the buttons in the steering wheel needed replacement, the original cluster bezel needed replacement, and part of the dash pad behind the original cluster needed trimmed in order to make room for the increased depth of the new cluster.

Cluster tear out
View of the tear-out

Once all of the appropriate hardware pieces were installed, next came the programming. I decided to do the programming myself, which was also super easy due to the template the original poster attached. I went onto got my original As-Built Data from Ford Motorcraft’s site here, and then copied it into a spreadsheet for safe keeping. I then had to go through the template and modify all the lines for the SCCM, IPC, and APIM systems in order to reflect the new buttons on the steering wheel, new information system (sync 3) and ensure my mileage matched up with my old odometer.

Finished view! 15 Apr 2020

But it was definitely super rewarding to custom program the pieces and get everything to work. It feels like a brand new car on the interior!

As of the time of writing, 26 Aug 2020, I also have a new tuner mounted to my windshield as well. Definitely a lot of new technology in the car now!

Digital Cluster, Sync 3 w/ CarPlay & my new tuner!
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