Italian Verb Tense Cheat Sheet

View of the verb tense sheet

I have been using Busuu to learn Italian for the past few weeks (2020 new years resolution is to learn as much Italian as I can!). However all the varying verb tenses can be hard to keep up on. Here is a cheat sheet I made in Google Sheets that anyone else can feel free to copy or print out for their own use!

2 thoughts on “Italian Verb Tense Cheat Sheet

  1. Hi Eric,

    Thank you for making this! It’s brilliant, I was looking to make my own conversion chart, since none exist so this is great. I’m just wondering for indicative imperfect, you have ‘speaking’ there, but i believe it’s actually ‘spoke’.
    You’re further down the path of learning italian than i am, so keep it up!!!

    1. edit: i spoke (passato remolo hahahaah) with my italian gf, and it sounds like imperfetto should be something like “was speaking”. it’s was happening, in a continual fashion but in the past.

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