Poker Game Dashboard

My buddies and I like to play poker but I like to have technology integrated in everything I do. So I spent the entire weekend (20+ hours) and I have built an PHP/AJAX dashboard which live-updates every second from my server to show the game progress and nurture competition.

Here’s a view of the UI that I have on the TV in our poker room:

Live updating poker table! Shows current bets, players, and a leaderboard on the side. Pot is hidden as it is not used in blackjack

But I needed a way to easily change the information remotely. So I have my own dashboard with a super-secret password to do just that!

Locked, so nobody else can mess with our game >:)

Once I log in, I can choose a game, Blackjack in this instance, and I can control every stage of the gameplay. It auto-calculates the win and blackjack rewards for me, allows doubling down, folding and splitting, and provides me with rules of the game so there are no discrepancies.

My dealer dashboard I have on my iPad so I can update the screen.

Here’s a live demonstration of the app from my Facebook:

End of Year Device Check In App

Another application I built at work, during the month of February, that I am super proud of is a way for us to check in devices at our high school. Essentially, a teacher logs in and the application will automatically pull a list of the teacher’s classes. Then the teacher selects a class and the application will grab all the enrolled students from our SIS and then use that list to communicate with our Asset Management software and return a list of all the devices assigned to those students in a beautiful array of cards! Just in case additional devices are found, teachers can add those at the top. In this testing page, I did not add all the icons that is in production, however you can see on the added devices that the icons are for collecting accessories such as case, protective shield and charger. It allows us to at a glance see if all the accessories were collected. Clicking on an asset pops up a modal to verify the correct student who is assigned is the one turning in the device, and capturing information on the accessories! All checked accessories’ icons will change green based on what is selected in the form. Proud of how this one turned out as well!

View of the dynamically loaded assets for all enrolled students in a specific class!
View of the modal to collect information about a specific device.

Prom Tickets Web App

I work in a school district and one of my latest projects is to create a custom application for prom tickets. It features the ability to scan a student’s ID and will verify the student against a list for eligibility and then automatically send out tickets to the students for Prom all at once! Here are some screenshots of the app of the beginning process where it can check for eligibility. Also attached is a screenshot where the student would automatically get the tickets sent to their email! Proud of how it turned out!

login screen
Login Screen with Google SSO
eligibility checking
Eligibility Checking
automated tickets emailed
Automatically sends students their tickets!