End of Year Device Check In App

Another application I built at work, during the month of February, that I am super proud of is a way for us to check in devices at our high school. Essentially, a teacher logs in and the application will automatically pull a list of the teacher’s classes. Then the teacher selects a class and the application will grab all the enrolled students from our SIS and then use that list to communicate with our Asset Management software and return a list of all the devices assigned to those students in a beautiful array of cards! Just in case additional devices are found, teachers can add those at the top. In this testing page, I did not add all the icons that is in production, however you can see on the added devices that the icons are for collecting accessories such as case, protective shield and charger. It allows us to at a glance see if all the accessories were collected. Clicking on an asset pops up a modal to verify the correct student who is assigned is the one turning in the device, and capturing information on the accessories! All checked accessories’ icons will change green based on what is selected in the form. Proud of how this one turned out as well!

View of the dynamically loaded assets for all enrolled students in a specific class!
View of the modal to collect information about a specific device.


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